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Less Conflict

Kick bad fights to the curb and use healthy conflict to bring you closer together.

Better Sex

Ignite a flame of passion and rekindle romance in a way that makes you both say “WOW!”

More Laughter

Discover the healing power of humor and unlock new wells of joy in your relationship.

Deeper Conversations

Crack the code to your talk styles and speak each other’s language like never before.

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“WOW! This is just what we needed. It’s fun and painless. And a great deal to boot!”
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Insights that will knock your socks off

Your Money Methods

Kick financial friction to the curb and ensure you realize your shared dreams together.

Your Personalities

Unpack your unique personality dynamics not only as individuals but more importantly as a couple.

Your Fight Types

Discover your “hot topics” and the secret of leveraging conflict for a stronger relationship.

Your Talk Styles

Crack the code for deep and meaningful conversations to enjoy heartfelt and lasting connections.

Your Love Life

Cultivate deeper intimacy and enduring passion for a lifetime of pleasure and fullfillment.

Your Deepest Longing

Create your ultimate soul-to-soul connection and discover how to infuse your relationship with meaning.

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